Stop #Huggies #Sexist commercials! Italians are signing a #petition to ban the advertisement

“She’ll think to look pretty while he’ll think to play football”. This is the female voice-over introducing a commercial who advertises a multinational brand of nappies for babies, Huggies, and using gender stereotypes to describe anatomic differences between boys and girls.

“She’ll think about maternity, he about adventures and courting. She’ll make you run after her, instead, he will always be next to you. Babies but already different, she is ending to say.  This misogynist adv is the mirror of Italy, where the stereotypes of the airhead “Velina” and the footballer, a bit mama’s boy and latin-lover, are very strong. An example is the love story between the showgirl Raffaella Fico and the soccer player Mario Balotelli. But few Italian women want to be Velinas.

Today they can also have adventurous experiences like going to Space, as Samantha Cristoforetti returned back to home today but forgotten by the italian TV. Is the truth if i say Italy is still a sexist country and the gender gap, as noticed also by “The Word Economic Forum” year by year, is very large compared to the other European countries. Nevertheless, here are starting many controversies. Numerous people are using Twitter and Facebook to communicate their indignation.

Soon after someone came a petition, signed by nearly 2,000 people in few hours. They’re asking to ban this advertisement, because is terrible to see a adv who want their daughters become silly. I’m writing in English because I know that the same brand have sexist commercials not only in Italy. One of my readers signaled me several commercials created for Huggies and transmitted in various parts of the world.

Two examples:

The Russian adv is similar to the Italian one but the dad is not absent like in Italy, where he never appears in commercials for children. In this commercial, the girl is playing with dolls and jewelry and the boy is playing football with his daddy. Only the little boy is playing with his father and receives more love by both of them, intimating who the birth of a boy should be welcome better.

The second video is the Israeli version. The adults disappeared. Babies became adults. Girls look like divas causing sexually the boys, licking ice creams, dancing and crossing their legs. They look like Lolitas. Boys are dressing like the bullies of “Grease”, cleaning and driving cars, motorcycles and seducing girls. The “sexualization” of children is an important problem, relative to gender stereotypes in childhood. I create a campaign called Libera Infanzia (Free Childhood) and i think all the world should boycott the companies who represent the children in a grotesque way.