Pubblicitari, please, stop it!

Donne della realtà

donne in quotaQuesto il testo della lettera che Wecams ha inviato all’Alleanza europea per l’etica in pubblicità (Easa) per chiedere di non utilizzare più immagini femminili degradate e violente. Wecams è la nuova rete internazionale formata dall’italiana DonneInQuota, dalla francese Chiennes De Garde e dall’inglese Object.

Europe, March 29, 2013

Dear Madams/Sirs,

objectWECAMS is a coalition of three European women’s groups set up with the specific aim of bringing an end to sexism in advertising and the media. Together we have over 20 years experience campaigning for a more socially responsible media which respects both the equality and dignity of women.

It is well established that the unrelenting portrayal of women as sexual objects plays a key role in maintaining gender inequality and the European Parliament itself has called for advertisers to stop chienusing sexist images and on member states to combat sexist stereotypes (EU Resolutions 2008/2038; 2010/1751; 2012/2116).


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